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Virtually every time you spend money on your business. Whether at the Warrior Forum, Clickbank, Amazon or even the book store, you’re being robbed! You’re being duped, taken advantage of, hoodwinked and swindled out of your hard earned cash by deceptive selling techniques that include Internet Marketing double-talk, mendacious sales letters and insidious advertising.

The Chairman of the Commerce Committee of the United States Senate says that deceptive marketing is today’s “most serious form of theft, accounting for more dollars lost each year than robbery, larceny, auto theft, embezzlement, and forgery combined.”

Martha Deevy, the director of the Financial Fraud Research Center at Standford University says “Fraud is as high as it’s ever been, because the scam artists are using brand-new channels and technology that didn’t exist 15 years ago.”

And Ralph Nader, 5 time presidential candidate and the nation’s most renowned champion of consumer rights, states that “Nowadays consumers are being manipulated and defrauded not just by marginal fly-by-night hucksters, but by America’s blue-chip business firms.”

In short, everywhere you look you’re being sold lies.The lone entrepreneur has never been victimized like this before. As a partial anti-dote for this widespread online fraud and deception, a practical, reliable, new marketing publication has been launched. It’s name is the Marketing Hacks Newsletter.

The Marketing Hacks Newsletter is designed to help you make smarter, more educated, faster business decisions. Each month it shares scientifically proven marketing “hacks” that you can implement in your business right now to see dramatic increases in profit.

The Marketing Hacks Newsletter, as it’s name implies, shares “hacks” -or- shortcuts that must significantly increase your profit, significantly decrease your workload and can be set up in 15 minutes or less. Each hack must go through a rigorous testing process and must adhere to a strict set of criteria to guarantee they will work in your business.

It offers clever tips (they will astound you with their ingenuity) on how to save money, how to increase profit, how to automate your business, how to outsource work, shrewd money management tips & obscure “never-before-seen” test results that are guaranteed to inject life into your business.

In short, the Marketing Hacks Newsletter is your
own personal “Entrepreneur Cheat Sheet”

Perhaps the best way to describe the Marketing Hacks Newsletter for you is to list the kinds of “hacks” it shares:

  • The Free Survey Tool That Will Boost Your Sales By 40%

    Selling is easy when your customers tell you what they want!
  • E-Mail Hacks To Escape Your Inbox

    Entrepreneurs spend on average 2-3 hours on email a day! Use these simple tricks to cut that down to 15 minutes.
  • How To Double Your Income By Changing 10 Words Or Less

    This 1 sentence affects your entire business.
  • Brick & Mortar Lead Generation Techniques

    On Autopilot.
  • The Facebook Ad Tool That Guarantees Success

    Have your business tell you which marketing efforts work best!
  • How To Advertise On Anyones YouTube Video For FREE

    This closely guarded “legal-loophole” has worked for over 2 years!
  • How To Send Targeted, U.S. traffic to your website for 1.9 cents / click

  • How To Create “Black-Friday-Like” Sale Hysteria

  • The Secret FREE Database That Shows Your Prospects Deepest Buying Secrets

    This will even tell you which leads on your subscribers list are wealthy!
  • Zombie E-mail Techniques To Raise Your List From The Dead

    So effective the results of the Marketing Hacks Newsletter test were featured in the internationally acclaimed “I love marketing” podcast!
  • How to make your website faster than for free!

    You lose 50% of your sales every second your customer has to wait… but you can solve this problem in less than 15 minutes.

In summary, the Marketing Hacks Newsletter is a hip, trustworthy, marketing mentor. It holds all the ideals of the savvy, boot-strapping entrepreneur and gives you useful tips you can use right now, without any difficult work.

In format, Marketing Hacks is a digital newsletter. It is designed for instant communication and easy reference while you’re building your business. It’s published once a month. This ensures that the information in Marketing Hacks is always tested and reliable. You read about revolutionary new marketing techniques the moment they’ve been tested & verified to work with your business.

In style, the Marketing Hacks Newsletter is concise, pragmatic, and above all, to-the-point. Marketing Hacks doesn’t hesitate to name brand names (whether to shower with praise or lambaste them), to identify BIG misconceptions that cost entrepreneurs money (and quote cheaper alternatives) and to share discounts that you are entitled to and should be getting. Marketing Hacks can afford to be candid and honest because it carries no advertising whatsoever; it’s beholden to no one but it’s readers.

The creators of the Marketing Hacks Newsletter are a team of highly experienced digital entrepreneurs that have been responsible for some of the most successful online companies. It’s copywriter has been responsible for some of the largest (8 figure +) product launches online. It’s publisher is regularly regarded as one of the best “growth hackers” in the industry and it’s design team wins international awards.

The Marketing Hacks Newsletter is available by subscription. According to the Directory of Newsletters, most business newsletter subscriptions cost well over $150. However, right now you can start your subscription to the Marketing Hacks Newsletter for ONLY $1! A MERE FRACTION of the going rate.

In fact, we are so confident that the Marketing Hacks Newsletter will prove itself indispensable to you that we are about to make what is probably the most generous subscription offer in publishing history:

We will absolutely and unconditionally guarantee that Marketing Hacks will increase the income of your business by at least 15% - or we’ll refund your money IN FULL. In other words, if you now earn $10,000 a year online, we’ll guarantee Marketing Hacks will increase your income by at least $1500 - or you get your money back. As you can see, a subscription to Marketing Hacks is an absolutely foolproof investment.

We urge you to act at once. Stop being robbed.
Join the Marketing Hacks Newsletter today.

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