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Thanks for signing up to become an Ambassador of the Marketing Hacks Newsletter. Below you'll find a few useful tools to help your marketing efforts. We've designed this system to be promoted multiple ways, through multiple mediums all while guaranteeing your commission is tracked.

There are several channels through which you can send your traffic. The first & most common method would be to send traffic straight to the home page. However if you wanted to venture off the beaten path and check out a much more effective way of promoting the Marketing Hacks Newsletter - I'd highly recommend either choosing our autowebinar promotional tool or our $1 trial tool. You can read about both below.

We're always testing & coming up with new and creative ways to generate new subscribers and when we do discover something incredible, you'll be the first to know!

If you ever have questions or want to bounce a promotional idea around for the newsletter, I encourage you to contact me!

Cheers & have a great day!
- Adam Nolan

How To Promote The Marketing Hacks Newsletter

The Marketing Hacks Newsletter is run on the Clickbank affiliate network. If you don't currently have a free Clickbank account, you should sign up now. It is how we guarantee that you always get paid the correct amount.

Clickbank is a great marketing platform to promote from - it all has to do with their reliability. Unlike many other payment processors that are known for unexpectedly closing down accounts, Clickbank hasn't missed a payment in over a decade and a half! Once you have a Clickbank account, you're good to go. Enter your Clickbank affiliate ID in the box below to generate your unique promotional link for the Marketing Hacks Newsletter.

Once you have your affiliate link, keep reading for useful tools that you can use today to start generating sales immediately.


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Promotional Tools

250% Opt-in Increase

This is the Marketing Hack that started it all. In this video your subscribers will learn a quick trick that can increase e-mail subscription rates by 250%. In a nutshell - it goes against everything we've ever been taught as online marketers, but it's been proven more effective than the "traditional way" over 10,000 times now!


Virtual Assistant Hacks

If you ever employ staff overseas you know how difficult communication can be, especially with language & time zone barriers. With these 3 Marketing Hacks you'll know for sure that you've A) Saved hours of time filtering out unqualified applicants automatically. B) Guarantee you've hired the best employee. And C) never have communication problems again -- all with less than 15 minutes of effort.


Interstitial Click Through

This incredible Marketing Hack shows a great new resource for traffic. Using a traditional form of advertising we've managed to "filter" out unqualified prospects by using tested & proven psychological tactics. This system works so well that you can get thousands of visitors every day to your website for 2 cents a click! This is perfect for mass market products like weight loss, relationship advice, or money management.


*Important Note: Please do not use the "Interstitial Click Through" method to promote the Marketing Hacks Newsletter. I've tested it already - it works incredibly well for general appeal stuff, but not nearly as well for very specific "niche" products like the newsletter. I don't' want you wasting your money! You'll discover some VERY effective tactics to promote the newsletter below.

E-mail Swipe file

Hey -or- [Firstname]

I just found this really great newsletter I think you're going to love! This guy is showing how he's getting a 251% sales increase for his online business. It's crazy how simple it is… but he's got a lot of numbers to back it up. Thought you'd enjoy it.

Here's the link

- Senders name


Advertising Banners


Promote the Marketing Hacks Newsletter with an Auto-Webinar

Our autowebinar is the most powerful item in our sales "toolbox". If you haven't heard of autowebinars before they're essentially a webinar or online workshop that is entirely automated so that each attendee gets the same exceptional experience regardless of what day they register. Participants get a true-to-life workshop experience. Everything from interaction to chat is dynamic and realistic so participants become very engaged during the workshop.

Because each workshop is an event to look forward to, prospects pay attention much longer and subscribe in much higher rates. Combine that with the "250% Opt-in Increase" trick discussed in the video above and you've got a sales tool that can't be beat. Seeing 50% registration rates from e-mail advertising is not uncommon and neither are 20% conversion rates on these autowebinars.

The autowebinar runs once a day, every day at 8PM EST. This autowebinar only works being promoted through e-mail marketing and literally everything has been done for you. All you have to do is copy & paste an email and press send. In order to properly set up the autowebinar so your affiliate ID gets credited with the sale please apply here. We'll set up your affiliate tracking and send you all the information you need to promote the Marketing Hacks Newsletter autowebinar.

How to promote the auto-webinar.

Step 1 - Click here to download the pre-tested, pre-formatted email swipe.

Step 2 - Take your affiliate link above and add ?rd=webinar to the end. (see example below)

Step 3 - Use your unique affiliate link and link to the text highlighted in blue in the email.

Step 4 - Send the e-mail to your subscribers in the online business / marketing niche.


Take advantage of the
$1 Trial Warrior Special Offer

The second most effective item in our sales "toolbox" is the $1 Warrior Special Offer trial.

The Warrior Special Offer trial is currently reserved just for "Warrior Forum" members. Members of the forum can purchase an introductory subscription to the Marketing Hacks Newsletter for just $1.Their subscription automatically rebills at $11 each following month. This low barrier to entry gives us excellent conversion rates (much better than a standard sales page) but keeps the recurring billing element as well.

Promoting the Marketing Hacks Newsletter via the Warrior Forum is easy. Just like the autowebinar, it takes 4 simple steps.

Step 1 - Click here to download your pre-tested, pre-formatted WSO e-mail swipe. .

Step 2 - Take your affiliate link above and add
?rd=wso to the end. (see example below)

Step 3 - Use your unique affiliate link and link to the text highlighted in blue in the email.

Step 4 - Send the e-mail to your subscribers in the online business / marketing niche.


Demographics & Targeting

The vast majority of our customers are male (80%) who are between the ages of 25 and 70 with a heavy focus around the mid 40's to mid 60's. Our customers spend time online at webistes like the warrior forum, forum special offers, clickbank, jvzoo, etc…

Best Practices

Affiliates have had success with both promoting once , and actively promoting the Marketing Hacks Newsletter as an additional income source. If you already have a sales funnel built or products for sale, then the most effective way to promote the newsletter is to apply to promote the autowebinar. By simply placing an email in your sales funnel you can add a very effective recurring income to your bottom line.

If you'd rather just promote the newsletter once, feel free to use the swipe email above. It's been proven to be effective at generating interested e-mail traffic to the page.

And if you go to you can see a side by side comparison of the income you can generate between promoting the newsletter once vs ongoing promotion.

Whatever method you chose, I'm here to support you so if I can help, let me know. If you have suggestions on a method you think would work well, contact me via the support desk and let me know. I'm always open to suggestions & testing.

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