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That's right. You're about to promote a product that has the very real possibility of making you more money than anything else you've EVER promoted before.

That's a pretty bold statement to make - but with copy written by one of the worlds best writers, 6 months of pre-launch tests & a sales funnel so "air-tight" it should be called a vacuum ... ... you may never want to promote another offer again.

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with 50% commision across the board, for life

The Marketing Hacks Newsletter

The Marketing Hacks Newsletter is a monthly publication that shares proven & tested marketing shortcuts. These "shortcuts" help e-marketers dramatically improve their profits while reducing the number of hours worked. Want to explode your companies growth? This is the kind of newsletter you need to subscribe to. Each month subscribers are sent a new newsletter with 5-6 marketing hacks that can be implemented in less than 15 minutes and will have a dramatic, near instant effect on any business.

The Marketing Hacks Mastermind

The Marketing Hacks Mastermind is a monthly get-together where members join a live Q&A session and get any and all their business questions and concerns answered. Members can join looking for general guidance on "what to do next" or even ask questions as specific as potential split test results on parts of a sales funnel. From beginner to expert - we're here to answer all the questions, all day long. And if a member can't attend, they can fill out and submit a Q&A form that will be answered live & sent to the member afterwards.

Super Affiliates

Can you crash servers with a single mailing? Are you able to manage large media buy campaigns without worry? Are you a full time, serious affiliate that can throw some weight around? Then we need to talk.

Here at the Marketing Hacks Newsletter… we're not greedy! You scratch our backs & we'll scratch yours. If you can generate 250+ sales a month, contact me via the support desk because I want to return the favor and feature you (or one of your products) in the newsletter… in front of every paying subscriber... for as long as we work together! Free super high quality traffic for life…

Easy Math Makes Marketing Fun!

And probably the most fun aspect of promoting the Marketing Hacks Newsletter is spending the money you'll make with it. To put things into perspective and show how incredibly effective low ticket, recurring offers are. (And how your income will compound over time!) Here are a few things you can buy with x number of subscriptions.

5 new subscriptions per week.

In 3 months: $297 recurring per month.
In 6 months: $594 recurring per month.
In 1 year: $1188 recurring per month.

25 new subscriptions per week.

In 3 months: $1485 recurring per month.
In 6 months: $2970 recurring per month.
In 1 year: $5940 recurring per month.

And here's the great thing… I haven't even included the profit you'll make from the other products in the funnel… and these are realistic numbers if you literally just get 1 person to sign up each business day. If you can do that, in 6 months from now you have a very real chance of making $500+ passive… without doing ANY work, each month.

As you can see… this grows REALLY fast. But maybe you don't want to promote the newsletter every day. And that's ok. Here's what you'll be able to do by promoting the newsletter once!

10 sales

$49.50 monthly
Have a "movie night" once a month.

25 sales

$123.75 monthly
Get a fantastic massage once a month.

50 sales

$247.50 monthly
Have dinner & drinks at a 5 star restaurant.

100 sales

$495 monthly
Buy a new car!

500 sales

$2475 monthly
Go on a luxury vacation.


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Hi there;

My name is Adam Nolan. I'm the editor-in-chief of the Marketing Hacks Newsletter. I'm glad to see you're interested in promoting our Newsletter. This newsletter was carefully designed from the ground up to help marketers, like yourself, earn a full time income for your promotional efforts.

Every effort is being made to ensure you, the Marketing Hacks Ambassador, make as much money as possible. My team and I continually split test elements of our funnel. We've set up programs that once you get one sale, you get paid month after month, forever. This kind of business structure allows you to build an income stream that is not only stable and consistent, but can give you the freedom you need to leave your day job!

Putting promotional material for the Marketing Hacks Newsletter in your funnel is one of the most effective ways of generating extra revenue for your business. Or, promote us actively and use the newsletter as an integral part of your income stream.

Whatever your situation, The Newsletter was designed to give you, the affiliate, the best chance possible of success. If there is anything I or my team can do to help, please let us know. I look forward to working with you.

- Adam Nolan

10 Reasons To Promote The Marketing Hacks Newsletter

1. Promote once, get paid forever.

The marketing hacks newsletter is based on a recurring, never-ending, subscription model. This is GREAT news. Unlike "micro-continuity" that cancels after a certain time, or high ticket, recurring memberships that get canceled due to cost or other factors, a low ticket, never ending recurring model can generate incredibly high revenues.

In fact we've even seen 700+ consecutive, unbroken, payments from some of our customers on other products. If that isn't a testament to how effective this model is, I don't know what is! And that "low-ticket, recurring" model is why this business is starting out, brand new, on Clickbank with a $2.31 EPC!

What does that mean? It means if you send targeted, high quality traffic, then you have a good chance of making $2.31 on average for every person that VISITS the website. Long live the power of low-ticket recurring products!

2. Tested for 6 months prior to public launch!

The Marketing Hacks Newsletter has been extensively tested to see what kind of retention rates it could sustain. What makes this business model incredible is that people simply do not cancel.

They love the content, and the price is "just right". Because of that when people sign up due to your promotional efforts you get paid $4.95 …. every month… forever.

And that adds up FAST. Think about that for a second. If you can just get 20 people to subscribe, you'll make almost $100 every month. Enough to cover a cell phone bill, internet bill, or a night night out on the town. Every month. Forever. That's why this system rocks.

3. Amazingly AWESOME automated sales funnel.

I hate manual "marketing labor". I hate when businesses are slowed down and can't grow as fast as promotional partners want. Which means everything…from split-testing, to autowebinars to buyer / non buyer segmentation is all taken care of and optimized for you. I make sure you get the best bang for your buck and can scale up your promotions as fast as you feel comfortable.

4. Promote a funnel, not a product!

The big difference with the Marketing Hacks Newsletter over other products you could promote is that with the MH Newsletter you're not just promoting a product, you're promoting a recurring sales funnel.

Not only is the front end and the one-time-offer recurring, but we're constantly adding products (that you get commission on) in new and exciting ways! The whole idea: you work once & get paid forever.

5. Dual buyer / non-buyer sales funnels

You know what sucks? Doing lots of hard work to promote a product that goes to an opt-in page where you don't know if you're still going to get credit or not. Well, I've got good news for you. The Marketing Hacks Newsletter is setup for you to win no matter what.

Even if you promote the Marketing Hacks Newsletter, and someone "registers" but doesn't complete the payment - we still follow up with them and offer progressively more awesome deals to convince them to sign up. i.e.: We do everything we can to get you as many sales as possible.

6. Extended cookies

Ok… this is a big one for us. This is a dream. We want to extend cookies for you beyond what Clickbank offers with "60 days". We just haven't figured out how to yet. Working on it ;) Any ideas? let us know and we'll feature you in the newsletter!

7. Why clickbank over Paypal?

I tested this business model on Paypal for 6 months before deciding to bring it over to Clickbank. Why the move? Isn't "instant cash" better? Not really.
Here's why - Paypal has big issues with dropped payments. Now, what's the point of a recurring membership if your payment processor "hiccups" all the time?

I choose Clickbank because this way you're guaranteed to get paid, and payments won't "accidentally cancel". There's also the added bonus that if customers do pay through Paypal and they do cancel, Clickbank tries for 2 weeks to "reactivate" the recurring billing before giving up all together. The end result - your recurring income doesn't stop.

8. Video copy written by one of the worlds best…

Ever heard of a guy named Colin Theriot? He's the legendary copywriter behind some of the largest launches in the marketing space, including and He's responsible for millions of dollars in sales, and regularly called in as the "copy expert" on some of the largest product launches online.

Well, we've "pulled some strings" and gotten Colin to write the sales video for the Marketing Hacks Newsletter AFTER he "retired" from writing copy ever again. This truly is "world class" sales material designed to pull in your visitors and hold them engaged and excited from the first second through till they purchase.

9. Split test obsessed

If you're reading this page right now, odds are you've already seen at least 1 split test variation. Yup - I am constantly testing to figure out the best, fastest way to do something. Heck, it's the entire premise behind the Marketing Hacks Newsletter - so you can be sure that we are always improving & the longer you promote, the more income you'll generate.

10. Very low attrition rates = very stable income streams!

The Marketing Hacks Newsletter has one of the best retention rates in the entire industry. While most companies strive to have an attrition rate (how many customers unsubscribe / month) of 15%…

We've soared past the average and have a 15% attrition rate across 6 months! What does that mean? Basically - promote another recurring product, and on average you'll lose 15 out of every 100 customers that sign up , each month. With the Marketing Hacks Newsletter it takes 6 months to lose those 15 customers instead of 1 month. Meaning you make more money, longer.

Register below to promote the Marketing Hacks Newsletter & I'll share some of my most closely guarded "Marketing Hacks" you can use right now to start generating income with the newsletter.

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